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Communication + Community like never before.

What is a oneBrand™️ Card?

The oneBrand™️ Card is a digital pass that lives inside the Apple, Google or the universal oneWallet™️. It gets added to the wallet through the frictionless scan of a QR code or tap of a link – no download, personal information, or credit card needed.

From prioritized direct messages, endless utility functions, and community building that is only limited by your imagination; the oneBrand Card is your control center to spread information to the people that have scanned you or your brand’s simple QR code.

Unique Power Of A oneBrand™️ Card.

Frictionless Adoption.

Community adoption has never before been so simple.

The oneBrand Card™️ immediately is stored and lives in any phone wallet through a simple scan of a QR code or click of a branded hyperlink.

No download. No personal information. No credit card.


Direct Messaging is now enabled to contact any members of your network or Community that have scanned the QR code.
To make this ‘direct message’ even more potent, it reaches your Community’s lock screen and prioritized over standard text messaging.


Your ability to locate card holders in your Network.

Through geofencing, you can segment your community based on larger regions.

Through beacon technology, you can now ‘ping’ community members where they are standing in real-time.

Why Communities Love...

Simplified Onboarding

Place a QR code, embed links online, share via SMS, or embed in your email signature; there are endless ways to connect.

Informative Messaging

Real time and relevant messages sent right to the phone as a prioritized direct ‘push notification’. Effective and simple.

Community Creation

The back of the card is a springboard to Community. Add any link, feature, or function to enhance the connectivity of your Network.

Why Organizations Love...

Easy To Use Portal

Quickly and easily make changes to your card, deploy great messages, and update your features inside the ‘oneBrand™️ Card Portal’.


Engage like never before with features like beacon technology and geo-locational messages.

Detailed Analytics

Check to see who has added your card, what they have clicked on, and make informed decisions about your messaging.


ACADEMICS (Creating Community + Sending Real-Time Priority Messages to students, parents & staff)
From in-service days to weather closures, parent-teacher conference reminders, sports updates and more; connect like never before!
MUNICIPAL (sending real time messages to your residents)
From office to street closures, administrative meetings, park & rec hours, this can help improve and promote the community.
RELIGIOUS (Creating Community + Sending Real-Time Priority Messages to the congregation)
From broad or community updates in the congregation to missionary schedules and more; keep your congregation fully connected.
NONPROFIT (Creating Community + Sending Real-Time Priority Messages to drive your community communication)
From associations, to chambers and other organizations serving communities; communication is key and the card delivers that and more.
Food (sending out discounts and specials to your loyal patrons)
From specials, to new seasonal items, discounts with combos, the possibilities are truly endless to keep you and your staff busy.
Beverage (sending out discounts and promoting new arrivals)
From new arrivals, latest events, tastings, happy hours, group discounts, keep the party going with your loyal fans and regulars.
Retail (sending out promotions for new merch or to clear out sHelves for upcoming inventory)
From whats trending, to reminders of unbeatable deals, the card can drive big consistent crowds when you want them.
Venues (sending out discounts for the latest exhibit/entertainment to maximize attendance)
From the latest performances, to new exhibits, and discounts on admission; the card can deliver a bigger audience every time.
Events (sending out discounts on the upcoming to drive maximize participation)
From the latest events, to upcoming performances, inside/outside entertainment deals, discounts on last minutes.. the card can help.
Tracking Applications (scan and track member usage as a replacement to the key fob)
From gyms, to museums & zoos, and everything in between, seamlessly setup digital cards to streamline your operations.
Ticketing Applications (issue digital card tickets for streamlined experiences & operations)
From theaters, to concerts & festivals, and everything in between, seamlessly issue digital card tickets to streamline your operations.
Scanning Situations (convert lanyards into cards and go completely digital)
From employee badges, to volunteer cards, and everything in between, seamlessly convert lanyards to cards for smooth digital experience.



Your first 5 Community Members are FREE! After that, our tiers ONLY grow if you do!

Starters pay…


6 – 2,500 Community Members

Growers pay…


2,501 – 100,000 Community Members

Rockstars pay…


100,001 – 250,000 Community Members

Over 250,000 Community Members? Don't worry, we will contact you for a more customized tier.